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"Web project" page for Rutt Custom Cabinetry

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Last updated 02/03/02 05:37:05 PM

Site development status - In development

The site layout, changes, additions and corrections are listed below.

General Site layout    
  • The site will feature professional logo and layout design.  The aesthetics'  of the site will be an upscale version of the corporate Rutt web site.

  • The site will feature a listing of all the companies 120 different cabinets as well an e-commerce system set up to sell them.

Database Layout Status - demo completed


  • Users will be have the option of either searching by room or design theme and will have the results returned to them by a thumbnail and description where they can click to see a bigger picture and more detail about the product. 
  • We will use code that will identify how fast the users connection is to the internet and give them either the high bandwidth or low bandwidth pictures.
E-commerce  Status - completed


  • Once customers have found the cabinets they like they can proceed to check out where they can purchase the cabinets online using their credit card and enter delivery information as well as schedule a time for installation. 
Admin page layout status - in development
  • A client admin page will be created where you will be able to manage the entire site through the web with no HTML knowledge. You will be able to add, delete, and modify items including the ability to upload pictures of cabinets that will be automatically cropped and sized to fit the standard picture layout.
Addition Client added this feature on 12/15/00
  • Customers will be able to browse the kitchen and bathroom faucet merchandise online as well.
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